ESG and Commitments

We are committed to delivering attractive and sustainable shareholder returns, which for us means operating with integrity and growing responsibly. 

As a new company, we are in the early stages of developing and embedding policies and practices to achieve this commitment.

Key to achieving this commitment is managing our environmental, social and governance risks. Our business model involves investing, principally through holding royalties and streams, in mining projects that are owned and operated by third-party mining companies. This means we do not directly control or influence the operations in which we have an interest. Given the nature of our industry, our direct ESG risk exposure is limited.

However, we recognise that we are indirectly exposed to the ESG risks from the assets in which we invest. As we grow, it will be important that we assess not only the quality of the assets but also our operating partners carefully prior to making an investment in order to manager our indirect ESG risk exposure. 


  • Applied to become signatory to the UN Global Compact
  • Established a Human Rights Policy
  • Published our first Corporate Governance Statement
  • Completed a voluntary Tax Transparency Disclosure
  • Developed ESG due diligence assessment criteria

Next Steps

  • Targeting net-zero operational GHG footprint in FY22
  • Develop an annual Modern Slavery Statement                                          (Completed December 2022)
  • Assess materiality and enhance our performance disclosures
  • Establish community engagement initiatives
  • Enhance the robustness of our ESG due diligence process

Future State

Guided by global frameworks to;

  • Enhance our disclosures
  • Inform our investment decisions